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"DIVINE Discovery"

Poster for integrating values while teaching Science, Maths, Languages & other subjects got awarded at 7TH ED Leadership International Round table 2014, Lucknow India by Kiran Bedi.

SMILES in Education"

program awarded as a Global 100 Innovation 2019 by Finland based non-profit countries participated)


We help you rewire your brain to develop positude & gratitude to experience an internally satisfied happy life. Click on the links:

- Happiness Kit

- Positivism Cards

- Positive Imagination
- DIVINE Discovery
- Positive Songs
​- What are you grateful for today?

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"SMILES" Program by SFAL Foundation is here to help you improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being at work/school or at home, Click here to watch "Teacher well-being" talk presented @ 2018 HundrED Summit, Finland.

"SFAL" Model of Education

"Stress Free Awakenend Learning" model was awarded for innovation by Kiran Bedi at 7TH ED Leadership International Round table 2014, Lucknow, India.

"BYTES Program"

was awarded for innovation to imbibe values in students at school by Chief Minister of Maharashtra, India at at Principals' Conference 2015 on 18th Dec., 2015.

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"Arise, awake and stop not till the GOAL is reached." - Swami Vivekananda

Stress-free Motivating Inquisitive Learning Eco System
Integrates ​Mindfulness for increased productivity, integrates 
Well-Being for re-energizing and ignites Passion for work..