DIVINE Discovery

A few examples of DIVINE Discovery in Maths

Stress-free Motivating Inquisitive Learning Eco System
Integrates ​Mindfulness for increased productivity, integrates 
Well-Being for re-energizing and ignites Passion for work..  

DIVINE Discovery is a unique learning style where students try to discover a positive value related to any concept learnt at school. This motivates them to understand the concept thoroughly and also associate values to their academic learning. Each student can discover a different value. 


  • This can be done for any subject and any topic.
  • This discovery helps to increase emotional & spiritual quotient of students easily.
  • This requires no extra effort or material from the teachers but just a change in attitude and way of looking at these subjects. 
  • This eliminates the need of having separate moral science books or classes. 
  • This reduces the stress of teachers, parents and students caused on account of negative values like competition, jealously or aggressiveness etc.
  • This makes the subjects being taught more interesting & socially useful.

      Click here to see the power point presentation on DIVINE Discovery.