Stress-free Motivating Inquisitive Learning Eco System
Integrates ​Mindfulness for increased productivity, integrates 
Well-Being for re-energizing and ignites Passion for work..  

Wellness Kit

Simple Rules to stay Healthy:-

  1. Drink water frequently throughout the day to re-hydrate your body because water is essentially needed to help regulate body temperature and for other bodily functions. 
  2. Exercise Daily. (Walking / Yogasana / Any other)
  3. Practice Belly Breathing3-4 times a day for healthy body and healthy mind- Expanding the belly while breathing in and contract the belly while breathing out.
  4. Eat healthy - Chew food thoroughly for 20-25 minutes.
  5. Laugh daily. You can sing the happiness song and then laugh at the end. Click here to know the benefits of laughing.
  6. Wake up before sunrise  for mental & physical fitness. You get time to connect to nature and plan your day too.
  7. Click here to know about simple remedies to cure and prevent diseases.